Our picnics are customizable and bring you a farmer's market freshness right to your fingertips. Each picnic includes gourmet sandwiches, globally inspired salads, a signature dessert, kid-friendly options, homemade drinks, a reusable branded tote and eco-friendly packaging.

To Madeline Picnic Co. picnics are a celebration. Plus we know how mobile our East End community is during the summer, flocking to celebrate its timeless beauty and magical waters. Madeline Picnic Co. wants you to have more time with these gifts, so let us compose your meal so you can spend your hours savoring the land and those around you.

Our mission is to source ingredients that are conscientiously grown and we believe that in turn, all of us can become more conscious consumers as a result. By working directly with local farms, independent purveyors and specialty artisans of the East End, we strive to create a cooperative structure between our East End farmers, producers, and consumers. In this way, we hope to facilitate the intermingling of one very large community by supporting each other.


Born and raised in Colorado, Madeline grew up on the ski slopes of the Rocky Mountains as an Alpine ski racer. Her interest and love for food was cultivated at a young age traveling with her parents and sister to food and wine-rich locales such as France, Italy and Spain.

She attended Bates College where she studied Studio Art and French, which took her to a yearlong study abroad program in Paris. Paris had a profound effect on her sensibility for using fresh, market-inspired ingredients in her cooking, spending hours at farmers markets for culinary inspiration.

She pursued a Masters in Contemporary Art at Sotheby's Institute of Art in London, where her love for food and travel only became stronger. Traveling to places as far as India, Syria, Morocco and Southeast Asia, where the confluence of art and food were extraordinary, she blogged her recipes, tasting experiences and culinary voyages. Now living in East Hampton, New York, Madeline has concentrated her métier on making food, serving food and aiming to inspire people around her through food.

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